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Posture Friend Wholistic Posture Program - Terms of Use

Last updated January 07, 2023


Please note that any opinions, advice or recommendations offered on this website are in no way to be interpreted as medical advice, or a remedy for any type of ailment or disease. It is the sole responsibility of each person who reads and listens to the content within this website to seek appropriate medical advice, and to only follow advice or recommendations offered by this website that are appropriate for your specific circumstances.


Posture Friend's Wholistic Posture Education Program is intended to be performed extremely slowly and with the least possible strain upon the musculoskeletal system.  


Terms of Use involve an understanding and agreement to the following:


1.  Because every person is completely unique, Posture Friend cannot guarantee results.  Posture Friend makes no therapeutic claims for the Wholistic Posture Program or Posture Friend ergonomic cushion.

2.  It is understood that participants will follow the directions and cautions contained herein and within instructional videos.  Participants understand that the slower and more self-aware movements become, the greater their effectiveness.  This Posture Program is about movement awareness, and does not involve vigorous exercise (that might otherwise pose risks of existing symptom aggravation, physical strain and injury).


3.  Posture Friend cannot predict all people's past and present circumstances or health conditions, and therefore cannot guarantee the 100% suitability of the Posture Friend Ergonomic Cushion or its accompanying Posture Program.  If you have any concerns, it is strongly advised that you first consult with your registered health professional.  It is the customer's responsibility to check with a health professional who is familiar with their individual circumstances and history.


4.  If you have an aggravation of any pre-existing complaint, or a new and unexpected symptom arises - you must STOP the Posture Friend Posture Program immediately and seek professional advice.  Generally speaking,  it is recommended that you seek musculoskeletal treatment from a registered health professional prior to using Posture Friend for seated use, or the Posture Program - the reasons for this are two-fold.   Firstly, regions of chronic body rigidity limit wholistic function, and therefore the ability to achieve open and upright posture.  Secondly, regions of localised chronic rigidity can place additional movement demands upon adjacent anatomical structures - this excess movement can lead to potential symptoms when using the Posture Friend Posture Program.

5.  Posture Friend stresses the importance of making slow and deliberate movements that are within the normal range of movements of daily life - still, no physical movement in life is ever 100% risk free.  Posture Friend will not be held liable for any injury, exacerbation of physical or emotional symptoms occurring as a result of performing the Posture Friend Wholistic Posture Program.  Participants use the Posture Friend Posture Program with the knowledge that Posture Friend cannot predict all potential risks and reactions, and that risks of increasing symptoms, injury or death may exist (no matter how negligible these risks might be).

5.  Any participants who have trouble getting up off the floor, who suffer from balance/coordination problems, low blood pressure with dizziness or have trouble lying on their back on a firm surface for extended periods of time  - it is advised they consider performing the Posture Friend movement program on a firm bed instead of lying on the floor.  

6.  If you have a history of high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, visual changes, TIA, or stroke - it is recommended that you seek professional advice before doing any movement exercises that involve cervical spine (neck) rotation.  The cervical rotation portions of this Posture Program are entirely optional.



Thank you for agreeing to these Terms of Use.  Please enjoy.

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