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Shipping Policy

Because my chosen manufacturing partners are Australian family-owned and operated business, each Posture Friend is very expensive to manufacture.  For this reason, and that hand-made elements are done in clinic time - shipping generally occurs 2-6 weeks after purchase.  If there is a further delay in my receiving the correct foam for your individual needs, you will be contacted by email.  You will be sent a tracking number to monitor your Posture Friend's progress, and a signature will be required upon delivery.  Because I'm located in regional Western Australia, Express Postage can also take an extra day or 2 to arrive.  I thank you in advance for your patience, and trust that you appreciate the benefits of Posture Friend being custom-made by an Osteopath - so ensuring that you receive the very best quality of care.

Express Shipping within Australia.

Warranty, Refund & Return Policy

When your Posture Friend arrives by courier, you must NOT open the postal packaging if you wish to receive a refund - please test before opening. 


Please be aware that Posture Friend PRO includes an ULTRA lumbar support kit within, so it will have more lumbar support than you expect.   Please take this into consideration when testing and deciding if you wish to keep your Posture Friend.


You can cancel a product order and receive a full refund if done so within 48 hours of your original order and payment. A refund will then follow no later than 14 days to the same account that made the payment.


Posture Friend also offers a 12-month warranty, that covers any defects in materials or manufacture.  This warranty commencing on the date of purchase, and covers the shaped open-cell foam core, fabric cover and accessories.  At our discretion, your Posture Friend will be either repaired or replaced.  Return postage is at the customer's own expense.  Because PRO cover and core are hand made, there may be some very minor imperfections associated with human error.  Each PRO Cover and Core is individually checked to ensure that any such natural human imperfections will in no way alter its intended function and purpose.  Any such character defining minor imperfections noticed upon arrival are not covered by this 12-month warranty.   This warranty does no cover any damage to a Posture Friend, either by water, chemical, excess heat, mechanical compression, abrasion, puncture, cutting/ripping, from incorrect care, acts of God or other misadventure. 


IMPORTANT: for Posture Friend's 14-day money back guarantee to be valid, your Posture Friend must NOT be removed from its original postal packaging - it must be in untouched and resalable condition.  Return postage is at the customer's own expense.  Returns must be placed inside additional robust postal packaging, so ensuring that the original is not damaged in transit.  Any damage to the original packaging, without communication (and photo proof of damaged) sent to Posture Friend within 48 hours of courier signed delivery will be ineligible for a 14-day money-back guarantee.   Damage to outer postal packaging itself does not entitle a customer to a refund or replacement, since there is secondary packaging within to keep your Posture Friend safe.  If there has been sufficient damage in transit to disrupt both the outer and inner packaging and expose the Posture Friend inside, you must alert the courier and complete all necessary paperwork before signing for delivery - without such documented proof of damage, the carrier is likely to hold you responsible for it. 

Before returning by post, please get in touch by email to briefly explain the reasons why Posture Friend is unsuitable for your intended purpose.   Given that my greatest passion is problem solving, I will do my very best to find a solution for you.  I may request photographs of the chair or seat that you are trying to fix, and you sitting in this chair with and without Posture Friend.   If I am then unable to offer a solution, I will gladly refund the full purchase price after receiving your unopened Posture Friend by mail.  


Please be sure to thoroughly read the Posture Friend PROS and CONS before your purchase.

Please note, if you pay for an ENTRY to the Wholistic Posture Program, a full refund is available within 48 hours of purchase.  If a request is made after 48 hours, no refund or discount is available - even if you later choose to purchase a Posture Friend ergonomic cushion (where access to the Wholistic Posture Program is then FREE). 

You can quickly tell if Posture Friend is meant for you by testing it inside it's original postal packaging (the Posture Friend packaging will have an arrow that faces to the front and upwards, so you know you are using it correctly).  It is strongly recommended that you test your new Posture Friend at home only, so there is minimal change of damage to the packaging. Air will naturally escape at the top corners of the post-pack, so this makes it very easy to test.  If the original packaging has been damaged in any way, or opened/re-sealed with tape - I sadly cannot provide a refund.  If a Posture Friend is returned and the packaging is damaged, I can post it back to you again for a non-express postage fee - so one of your friends or family members get to enjoy it.

The compostable post-pack is exceedingly robust, so will not be damaged by regular Australia Post express transit to you.  If the post-pack is punctured or ripped in any way, there is a chance the Posture Friend inside will become contaminated or damaged also.  If on the day of your package arriving (and signing for it with the courier), if there has been damage to the compostable post pack in transit - ensure that you contact me immediately and I will request a photograph of the damage.  Any damage to the post-pack that occurs after the day of delivery will void the Posture Friend refund policy.  Posture Friend is sent by tracked express post, and requires a signature on delivery - please check the packaging immediately.  

When returning by post, please place the unopened Posture Friend packaging inside another post-pack from your local post office - this will guarantee that we receive your package in exactly the same condition that it was sent.  Please note - the original Posture Friend packaging does state that it is reusable, however I have used both lines of adhesive inside - so it is single use only.


If a damaged package is received, and a customer doesn't want to pay for its return - this Posture Friend will be donated to a local charity or disadvantaged person with special needs.  No Posture Friend will ever be sold as new, unless in pristine and untouched condition.

Please note that with regular use, open-cell foam will naturally soften by a certain percentage over a period of time, and the body will also naturally acclimatise to the firmer support over a period of weeks and months.  My recommendation therefore to slowly increase the amount of time that Posture Friend is used by an hour each day (as you would a foot orthotic), whilst stopping and more slowly re-introduce if the is any discomfort.  It is therefore recommended that you don't return a Posture Friend simply because it feels too firm.  If after 4 months of use, it is still too firm

Please be certain to read the FAQ's before finalising your decision to purchase a Posture Friend.

Posture Friend is not a medical device, and therefore makes no therapeutic claims.


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