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  • Do I use my Posture Friend with the included straps in my car, or just on my office chair?
    Of course you can leave your straps on, but they are not intended to wrap around your car seat. The side wings of a car seat means that straps for a seat cushion never work properly. Posture Friend PRO has solved this problem by adding an ultra sticky rear surface. This means your ergonomic cushion will stay in place when you lean back.
  • After I place an order, how long does it take for my Posture Friend to be manufactured?
    As soon as possible is always my aim! A wait of 2-4 weeks prior to shipping is expected.
  • What do you mean when you say Posture Friend PRO is custom-made?
    Firstly, Posture Friend uses ultra-premium FIRM foam for maximum postural guidance and longevity. When you purchase a Posture Friend PRO or AIR, you will be asked to enter your height and weight. This information gives a clear sense of your body's density - and therefore how much force your body will apply to the foam core when leaning back. The lighter you are, the firmer the foam will feel. With this information I am then able to custom-make thoracic comfort zones to suit your individual body's comfort requirements.
  • Posture Friend is designed for high-back seats and chairs. What does this mean?
    High-back refers to a seat or chair that comes up close to the level of the shoulders (such as with an office chair), or has the option of resting your head backwards into the seat-back or headrest (such as a lounge chair or car seat).
  • Is it true that Posture Friend is designed to improve EVERY high-back seat and chair?
    If you have excluded all the reasons why you shouldn't purchase a Posture Friend then the answer is YES. It is worth noting however that Posture Friend is designed to adapt to the seat you already have, not give you a completely new one. Posture Friend will transform an absolutely terrible seat or chair into one that will no longer cripple you - it won't transform it into the equivalent of a Rolls Royce or first class airline seat. In most cases, seat and chair manufacturers will create a basic amount of comfort (not too extreme in any direction) - Posture Friend then adds an ergonomic component that lifts it to the next level. It's also worth mentioning, that not only is every seat different, but every human body is completely unique also. Once again, Posture Friend is designed to generate an improvement in your seat, and how well your unique body sits in it - not to create the best seat that ever existed (especially if your body and seat aren't in the best shape already). If you are able to put some work into you body in the way of physical treatments and an exercise program, Posture Friend is likely to bring you greater rewards. For more details about how Posture Friend works, see the Posture Friend page.
  • Are there contraindications to using Posture Friend?
    (1). This contraindication applies if you have symptomatic hip arthritis or a labral tear of the hip joint, that has on occasion bother you when sitting. If this is the case, you may need to be cautious when using Posture Friend if you have a car with bucket style seats, or a deep lounge chair. Whilst Posture Friend assists in a person's upper body recreating the equivalent on standing upright posture, and the Posture Friend exercises themselves assist in bringing greater awareness into the lower body - the simple fact is that in the seated position, your hips need to be flexed (ideally at 90 degrees or less - with the knees lower than the hips). Because Posture Friend supports the pelvis in an optimal forward tilting position, this means that if you are sitting in a deep bucket type car seat where the hips are flexed at more than 90 degrees - a forward tilting pelvis increases the chances of mechanical pressure within the hip joint. A recommended solution is sitting on a seat wedge that creates a flatter seat surface - yet the practicality of a seat wedge is determined by how close your head is to the car roof. (2). When using Posture Friend with the Integrated Movement and Relaxation Program, it is recommended that you don't do these exercises too close to bedtime (and especially if you suffer from insomnia or have difficulty falling asleep). Opening the front (sensory part) of your body is quite stimulating, and so can make falling asleep more difficult. It is suggested therefore that you do your movements in the morning and several hours before bedtime. (3) Please read Posture Friend's Terms of Use before using the Posture Program.
  • I have a question about Postage, Returns and Refunds
    For further details please click on the relevant link at the very bottom of the home page. It is important to note that after testing your Posture Friend inside its original postal packaging, you cannot return a Posture Friend for a refund it its original packaging has been opened or damaged.
  • Can you send a Posture Friend ergonomic cushion to a country other than Australia?
    YES. I can post to the US, Canada and the UK. Unfortunately express courier postage is prohibitively expensive, so your package will be sent by regular airmail. The amount of time that your package takes to arrive at your door will be influenced by the efficiency of your local postal company. You will still be required to sign for your package, so you can rest assured that your package will arrive safely.
  • What does it feel like using a Posture Friend?
    Posture Friend has a thin profile that utilises some of the comfort characteristics of the seat or chair-back that it is resting upon - so in this regard Posture Friend will feel more comfortable on a padded seat than on a hard wooden seat. Overall the Posture Friend is designed to disappear, with a simple sensation of floating upright with open posture. Posture Friend gets its comfort from upright posture itself, where the forces of gravity are at their absolute minimum. The entire spine is involved in supporting your body weight - so there are no regions of excess pressure or strain. Because gravitational forces are both minimised and distributed throughout the entire whole - it's almost as if Posture friend isn't there. How Posture Friend feels, will be determined by how far back you lean your seat-back - the further back, the more gravitational load falls upon Posture Friend. When you are hardly leaning back in a perfectly upright seated position, you will hardly feel Posture Friend, with a slight recline Posture Friend will feel quite firm in its support, it will then begin to soften to the touch as you lean further backwards. This is where the importance of ultra-premium foam comes into play, Posture Friend will successfully resist these forces of compression from vertical all the way to a horizontal position. Posture Friend can also be used for supine (lying on your back) relaxation or seated meditation.
  • I've just received my Posture Friend, and it seems to have a small imperfection in manufacturing. Please advise.
    Posture Friends are individually hand-made using premium materials - both by experienced local family owned businesses and myself. We naturally allow some leeway for human error and associated imperfection in the manufacturing process. Each Posture Friend is personally inspected by me before being sent to you - I can provide an assurance that any minor imperfections in manufacture will in no way affect it's ability to improve seats, chairs and your posture.
  • Is there anything additional required when using my Posture Friend with the Wholistic Posture Program?
    It is very important for you to be lying on a comfortable surface, that also has some firmness to it. A very firm bed is OK, but really not ideal since there isn't much room to move (unless you have difficulty getting back up from the floor). If you have a rug that isn't quite soft enough, you can use a folded removalist quilted blanket. It really in important to have a comfortable surface to lie upon - the reason for this is that as Posture Friend gets thinner and thinner towards the top edge, you will start to feel the quality of the surface below more and more. This surface needs to be something you really want to relax into. If it isn't, your upper back will have a feeling of being tense and pushed forwards - this is the opposite of what we are looking to achieve. What we are wanting is your upper back to be increasingly deeply relaxed and "falling" backwards into the ground.
  • Can I do the Posture Friend Wholistic Posture Program without a Posture Friend cushion?
    Absolutely, you will still get great benefit from this program without a Posture Friend. You will however most likely find that the relaxing portion of the Dusk series will be more effective with a Posture Friend.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

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