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Posture Friend is a posture SUPPORT cushion, not an ultra-plush COMFORT cushion.  If you are looking for a soft cushion to sink and disappear into, Posture Friend won't be for you.  Posture Friend has been purposefully designed with ultra-premium Australian foam for dependable rebound postural support, contoured guidance and longevity. 

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Posture Friend Air


Posture Friend foam core


3D spacer fabric

3D Spacer Fabric

  • $90 or $120 incl GST 

  • Premium computer-cut foam core

  • Ultra-breathable 3D spacer fabric shell

  • Seams on all 4 edges

  • Moderate non-slip rear bumps for car use

  • Ideal for car or vehicle use

  • NOT suited to office chair use (unless the base and back are joined together) - since no straps

  • The China made 3D spacer fabric creates a uniform shock absorbing layer over the surface of the foam core beneath

  • AIR 2 includes hand-shaped comfort zones

  • NO 12-month warranty

  • 14-day money back returns accepted

  • To be discontinued when stocks run out


Posture Friend PRO
  • $185 incl GST

  • Made in Australia

  • Premium computer-cut foam core

  • Ultra lumbar support kit to assist in repairing poorly designed car seats, and providing extra lumbar support for those with a history of a lower back injury

  • Elastic straps for office chairs

  • Ultra non-slip rear fabric for car use

  • Taller cover with seamless top edge for greater comfort

  • Premium foam core measured and tested for firmness and hardness, then matched to your height and weight

  • Hand-shaped comfort zones for rib angle, kidney and shoulder blade comfort, and central spinal support

  • Optimised for use with the Posture Friend Posture Program

  • 12-month warranty

  • 14-day money back returns accepted

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You will find that Posture Friend is a firm cushion.  With extended periods of daily use, it is expected that Posture Friend's central foam core will soften by up to 10% each year - and so maintain its rebounding mechanical properties for years to come.  Should your new Posture Friend feel slightly too firm to begin with, there are 3 important points to consider:  

  1. Your body acclimatises to Posture Friend's firm feel, and you will likely come to appreciate it.  You can treat a Posture Friend much like acclimatising to a set of foot orthotics.  If you feel any discomfort, slowly increase the number of hours that you use it each day.

  2. By sitting more upright, Posture Friend actually becomes a guide rather than a crutch - in this case then, its extra firmness is hardly felt.  

  3. Posture Friend will gradually soften over time: so being firmer at the beginning means a longer working life.

Please remember that Posture Friend's Return and Refund policy requires that you must only test your Posture Friend inside it's original postal packaging - please note that because an ULTRA lumbar support kit will also be included in the package, your Posture Friend will provide more lumbar support that you expected.  Please take this into consideration when deciding if Posture Friend is right for you.  POSTURE FRIEND WITH DAMAGED OR OPENED POSTAL PACKAGING CANNOT BE REFUNDED.  The reason for this is that each Posture Friend COVER is very expensive to manufacture in Australia: they must be returned in untouched condition for re-sale.  If your packaging has been damaged in transit, you must send an email within 48 hours of receiving your delivery with a photo of the damage attached.  If postal package has been so damaged in transit that a rip or tear has damaged the Posture Friend within, you must ensure that you complete all necessary paperwork with the courier.


 For further details please refer to "Shipping, Warranty and Returns" immediately below.

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