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More detail before you buy a Posture Friend

Posture Friend AIR

Ultra-premium foam core and 3D spacer fabric cover


  • Affordable for those on a budget.

  • 3D spacer fabric shell creates an inner space of 5mm where air passes both through and along the fabric - great for those circumstances where extra ventilation is required.

  • Because of the 3D spacer shell, AIR provides a little extra lumbar support provided by the 3D spacer fabric works well for this use.

  • Ultra robust 3D spacer fabric.

  • Ultra-premium Australian made and computer cut foam.


  • 3D spacer shell was made in China. 

  • NO 12 month warranty, since will be discontinued when stocks run out.

  • Whilst having slip-resistant bumps on rear surface, it is not ultra-sticky like a PRO cover.

  • The 3D spacer fabric creates a firmer feel regardless of the density and hardness off the foam core.   Therefore AIR comes as a FIRM option only, with no fine-tuning for height and weight.

  • Can be used with the Posture Program, however, because of the extra 3D spacer thickness, the lumbar support may be slightly too much if you are less than 5 feet 8 inches tall.  AIR (unlike PRO) also has a seam at its top edge, that you may slightly feel when lying upon it.

  • NO hand-shaped comfort zones (as there are in the PRO) - suited to those who prefer a firmer feeling cushion.

Posture Friend PRO

Ultra-premium foam core with premium Australian made cover


  • Fine-tuned to match each individual's height and weight (or body density).

  • Osteopath hand-shaped comfort zones for tender rib angles, shoulder blades and kidneys.

  • Australian-made cover with ultra-sticky rear surface for car use, and adjustable straps for office chair use.

  • Cover has seamless top edge for maximum comfort.

  • Ultra-premium Australia-made and computer cut foam.


  • Posture Friend is generally NOT suited for use with an angled mesh backed office chair, unless you test a friend's and it actually does work for your specific chair design.

Yes, buy a Posture Friend

  • The Posture Friend Wholistic Posture program is a priority for youIn the supine (lying) position, Posture Friend significantly reduces pressure points, assists in an opening of the chest anallowing for much deeper relaxation.  All of these are essential in helping your body find a central stillness and midline. 

  • Your high-back seat or chair needs more lumbar support - and everything you have tried so far hasn't solved your problem.


  • You are a teen or adult between 5 feet to 6 feet 3 inches tall - Posture Friend is one size fits all.

  • You sit in a car seat, office chair, travel or are sitting at home on the lounge or dining chair.

  • You spend many hours sitting each day.

  • You have an interest in upright sitting posture without any effort required - Posture Friend supports the entire spine in upright and open posture, without any conscious attention of physical effort being required. 

  • You are interested in preventative healthcare - apart from more immediate pain and discomfort associated with muscle tension from poor postural habits, the long term health consequences of slumping sitting posture are seen decades later, when spinal degeneration cannot be reversed.  It is a simple thing to address your daily posture now, especially if it is requires no effort to do so.


  • For optimum results, you can comfortably lie on the floor or a firm bed without a pillow under your head (you can still receive benefits if this is not possible for you) - this means that your spine is flexible enough to sit completely upright in seated posture - Posture Friend will then make that very easy for you. This type of spinal flexibility means that you will get maximum benefit from Posture Friend's complete spinal support. If your spine has some rigidity associated with accumulated trauma or long standing slumping postural habits, you may wish to combine the Posture Friend Posture Program with professional treatments (to resolved any history of trauma and body fibrosis), and then a program of stretching and strengthening to reclaim your spinal flexibility.


  • You are seeking professional healthcare, without the time and expense required in seeing a therapist. 

  • You are wanting to avoid future health expense and potential disability associated with posture related degenerative disease. 

No, don't buy a Posture Friend

  • You have a mesh-back style office chair that has a backward slope in the thoracic spine, and this chair can't generate a region of more vertical support in the upper thoracic spine - Posture Friend's ergonomic cushion is generally NOT suited to mesh-back office chairs of this type - unless your chair suffers from a significant lack of lumbar support and the mesh is floppy and unsupportive.  If your chair looks like the one below, a Posture Friend may not be suitable.

A person sitting on a chair design that is not suited to Posture Friend cushion use

 The picture above shows a mesh-back office chair, that is characterised by a seat-back significantly tilting backwards through the entire thoracic region - RED (even in its most upright static position - as shown above).  Since tilting backwards in the thoracic region is what Posture Friend also does, if you add a Posture Friend it will create too much of a good thing.   There are occasions when Posture Friend can still significantly improve the function and comfort of a mesh-back chair - depending on how taught the mesh is, if the mesh is attached to an uncomfortable bar at the top, and how vertical your seat-back can get.  The best thing you can do is borrow a Posture Friend and test it on your own chair.

Even if Posture Friend isn't usable with your mesh-back office chair - Posture Friend's FREE Integrated Movement and Posture Program may assist in your overall postural health, and also improve your other seats and chairs that you use when you are not working.


  • Your seat or chair is not a high-back design - A Posture Friend will work on a medium height chair, it just won't provide optimum performance.  Friend itself is designed to assist the body from the pelvis all the way up to the base of the neck. Optimally you would want a head-rest on your seat/chair as well, but this isn't absolutely essential - just so long as you don't spend countless hours each day with your neck tilted forwards looking down at a keyboard, phone or magazine etc. 


  • Your seat or chair is unstable and without a supportive seat-back - Some office chairs have a spring loaded seat-back, that will move backwards when you lean back. Nothing (including a Posture Friend) will improve the support provided by such a terrible seat design.


  • You prefer to not lean back on a seat or chair at all -  If you you prefer to sit perfectly upright without resting back on your chair's back rest at all, then Posture Friend definitely isn't for you. Posture Friend can be helpful in the situation however, if you like some pelvic support to make upright sitting more effortless. If you have an office chair with a vertically adjustable back rest (where there is a gap between the seat back and the seat base), then Posture Friend can't be of assistance in this way. You will require a chair that the Posture Friend can push back against in the pelvic region. In reality, Posture Friend has been designed to lean back upon through the entire spine, yet not feel as if one is leaning back at all - so in fact, it may be exactly what you are looking for.


  • You have a seat or chair with close to perfect lumbar support - In such a case Posture Friend will naturally increase that lumbar support further, and so may create too much of a good thing. Posture Friend of course is adjustable, so may still improve ergonomics in the thoracic region of the seat/chair while minimising the extra lumbar support component.  Most manufacturers of seats and chairs will play it safe and provide less instead of more lumbar support - and this is what Posture Friend offers a solution for. 


  • You want elastic straps for your car seat - Posture Friend has elastic straps to hold it in place, but these straps are intended for use with an office chair only. These straps will not work in a car that has any type of side wing, since these will hold Posture Friend away from the seat-back - and because of this the non-slip backing of Posture Friend will not hold it in place. You simply need to adjust the Posture Friend position when you get into the car - the non-slip backing will then keep it firmly in place for your entire trip. It is worth noting of course that, Posture Friend will support your spine in different ways, regardless of how you place it on your seat back - and this can be important for keeping your body self-aware and dynamic. So the short answer is, you really don't need to worry to much about getting perfect placement each time you hop into you car.


  • My body is getting old and frail, can Posture Friend still help me? YES, but... If you are elderly or frail with reduced muscle mass (natural padding), there is a possibility you may find Posture Friend is slightly too firm for your body.  In general terms those who receive the most benefit from Posture Friend are able to comfortably lie on their back on the floor, with no pillow required under their head. This means their spine is flexible enough to be fully upright in a seated position, and so can take full advantage of Posture Friend's unique design. In this regard Posture Friend is preventative rather than curative in nature. That being said, every spine still has some flexibility (unless suffering from a disease such as Ankylosing Spondylitis), and so Posture Friend may assist in retaining what you have. It must be acknowledged that Posture Friend has its limitations, but may be further improved with additional assistance. I would strongly suggest that you combine the included Posture Friend daily exercises, with professional treatments to assist in loosening your body, and an exercise program to help reclaim strength and spinal mobility - then you may find Posture Friend offering greater rewards.


  • Posture Friend for erratic city driving - Posture Friend is amazing for long distance travel. If you like to drive at speed with twists and turns around the city however, you may experience your body rolling slightly away from corners (which for some may feel mildly disconcerting at first). I personally prefer this very slight degree of instability, since it results in deep core activation whilst driving, and so providing an additional opportunity for increasing body functional control. It is worth mentioning a patient who is a courier has tested Posture Friend for a 3 months and loved it - so it really depends upon how you drive.

  • You have symptomatic hip arthritis or labral tear - this contraindication applies if you have symptomatic hip arthritis or a labral tear of the hip joint, that has been known to bother you during sitting.  If this is the case, you may need to be cautious when using Posture Friend - especially in a car with bucket style seats, or a deep lounge chair. An aggravation of symptoms may occur because Posture Friend is helping your sit more upright, while your hips are also flexed and potentially creating pressure at the front of your hip joint.  This issue can be largely resolved by including a seat wedge, that creates a flat seat (instead of backward sloping seat base), and certainly is not a problem if your hips are normal.

Seat base cushion
seat base cushion

This is the best seat wedge that I have found and have been using it daily in my car seat for the past 10 years, and can be easily purchased online.  Because it is made from memory foam however, it won't assist in generating a feeling of internal postural lift - and as such doesn't completely suit Posture Friend.  A Posture Friend seat wedge will likely be the next product being developed by Posture Friend.

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