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When you order a PRO you will be asked for your height and weight - this gives he a clear sense of your individual body's density, and thus will allow me to custom-make the comfort zones in the thoracic region.     A heavier person body will apply more pressure upon the Posture Friend foam core, and thus the core will feel softer.  A lighter person will experience the same foam core as feeling firmer, because their body doesn't compress the foam as much.  The unique Posture Friend PRO design has thoracic comfort zones, which allow me to custom-make a core for your individual body's needs.


Remembering that Posture friend is designed of a high-back seat or chair only.  


When your Posture Friend arrives by courier, you must not open the postal packaging if you wish to receive a refund.   Please be aware that Posture Friend PRO includes an ULTRA lumbar support kit within, so it will have more lumbar support than you expected.   Please take this into consideration when testing and deciding if you wish to keep your Posture Friend.


Aklso remember that Posture Friend PRO is a FIRM ergonomic cushion - designed for contoured postural guidance.


Posture Friend's unique comfort-zone design ensures that you will get the support and comfort that your body needs.   PRO is the perfect all-rounder - for use with the Posture Friend dusk series, car and office chair use.


The anticipated wait time from ordering to postage is 2-4 weeks.  Thank you for your patience. 


Posture Friend CORE and PRO have been 10+ years in the making.   Our ultimate inner core is made from ultre-premium computer-cut Australian Made foam. 


An all-rounder for any seat or any high-back seat or chair (see PROS and CONS for more details)


  • Ultra non-slip fabric on rear surface for vehicle seat use 
  • Buckles and elastic straps for attaching to office chairs
  • An included ULTRA lumbar support kit, that will allow you to repair any poorly designed car seat, or create extra support if you have a history of lower back injury
  • Premium breathable fabric
  • Seamless top edge
  • For teens and adults up to 6 feet 3 inches tall


The PRO core includes horizontal sections cut from it's rear surface - this design feature significantly increases Posture Freied's comfort, whilst retaining surface firmness and proprioceptive guidance.  


Posture Friend PRO is designed to help your body remember what an upright and open standing posture feels like in the seated position. 


PRO COVER is hand-made by an Australian owned and operated family business in Perth Western Australia, that has been manufacturing medical products for over 40 years.  


Posture firmly believes in the benefits of preventative healthcare, and trusts that you will be saving money in the long-term.


GST Included
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