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Exactly the same as a AIR, except custom-made comfort zones are added to the premium foam core.  In this regard you will be asked your height and weight, so that these comfort zones can be optimised for your body.


Ideally suited to use in a car seat.  Posture Friend "AIR" is an extra firm cushion with extra lumbar support - since car seats are where extra lumbar support is so frequently required.


Posture Friend AIR's 6mm thick 3D Spacer fabric increases the surface feeling of firmness.  If you are under 60kg and looking for a softer feeling posture cushion, AIR won't be suitable for you.  If you are under 60kg and looking for a firmer feeling posture cushion, AIR will be suitable.  If you are over 80kg, then the spacer fabric will itself begin to function as a shock absorber - so comfort increases whilst at the same time retaining mechanical support.


Posture Friend AIR is the complete (and affordable) package of premium Australian-Made computer shaped foam core, and a made in China outer shell of 6mm thick 3D spacer fabric  - which allows air to flow freely along and through it's length and thickness.  This makes AIR ideally suited to any vehicle where extra heat and moisture management is important.    


AIR achieves 90% of the ergonomic and comfort benefits of a PRO.  


  • AIR shell has sewn seams on all 4 edges
  • 3D spacer fabric plus foam foam generates a firmer feeling cushion
  • Slip resistant bumps on the rear surface
  • Comfort zones included
  • For teens and adults up to 6 feet tall
  • Ultra-breathable and shock absorbing shell


Please note that AIR will be discontinued when stock run out. Posture Friend's 12-months warranty does NOT apply to the AIR.   Our 30-day return policy does apply - with return postage at purchaser's expense.   As a matter of interest, I have personally been using a Posture Friend AIR in my car daily for the past 3 years and it still looks and feels brand new.


GST Included
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