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"Inventing and problem solving has always been my hobby.  Creating wholistic solutions for the human body is my passion".

~ Dr. David Bennett (Osteopath)

Over 10 years ago I designed a Posture Friend to help with my own back problems (resulting from previous physical injuries, and a poorly designed car seat).  I main issue was that I had 2 problems - one in my lower back, and one between my shoulder blades.  All the cushions or devices that I purchased either didn't help, or made the other worse.  The only solution was to treat the entire body - which on ergonomic cushion did.  


I had struggled for years to find a posture cushion or device that genuinely helped, and in frustration finally designed my own. My first design was created by constructing a wooden formwork that allowed me to cut supportive foam to the exact shape that I needed.  It was this specific shape, hardness and density of supporting foam that helped my body begin functioning as a more cohesive and stable whole: along with Osteopathic treatment helping me find ease and comfort once again.  That original design has since been refined through computer aided design, ongoing assistance from a CNC foam shaping factory and my own hand-made components. Every step of testing and design refinement over the past 10 years has incorporated the whole-body principles of Osteopathic Medicine.

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