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Optimising health through wholistic sitting solutions

The Posture Friend Story

Over 10 years ago I created my own ergonomic posture cushion, to solve a persistent problem I was having with my car seat.  The combination of a unique body (with its accumulation of past injuries) and contending with poor seat design was the straw that broke the camel's back!  I tried all manner of premium cushions, supports and braces: but all of them failed to create lasting relief.  The reason why they failed is that none treated the human body as a self-healing whole; they instead only focused upon painful symptoms.  Out of options, I finally used my understanding of Osteopathic Medicine to design and create a wholistic ergonomic posture cushion.  It was such a relief to finally lean back upon a firm (yet comfortable) contoured support that guided my whole body into self-generated chest opening and spinal elongation, and allowed for deeper muscle relaxation through whole body support.  I massively benefited from pain relief at the time, but I also realised that Posture Friend's greatest benefit was in long-term preventative healthcare.  The health and perfect potential that resides within us is such a precious gift!  During my first-hand back-pain experience, I felt a sense of powerlessness in not being able to care for my health in the way it deserved to be - simply because a seat designer was more concerned with looks, economy and profits, than the needs of a living human body.  The essential reason why I have gone through this long process of manufacturing Posture Friend, building this website and creating a preventative healthcare movement program - is to offer people viable wholistic sitting solutions that genuinely optimise their potential in life.  Your body deserves nothing less!I 

Dr. David Bennett (Osteopath)

How Posture Friend works

How Posture Friend works


The Posture Friend wholistic posture cushion creates upright and open seated posture, without any conscious attention or effort being required.  Being able to create dynamic, open, upright and automatic posture is key to sustaining long-term postural health.  The alternatives are to be slumping again 20 minutes later, or becoming weaker over time if using a "Posture Trainer" to hold your shoulders back.

This contoured posture cushion supports and guides the entire spine - for effortless, upright & open seated posture

Chair with Posture Friend cushion
Posture Friend cushion
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Your Preventative Healthcare Program

Finding health within through integrated movement & deepening relaxation

25-video Osteopath guided lessons

POSTURE FRIEND has been designed by an Australian and internationally trained Osteopath.  Osteopathic Medicine originated almost 150 years ago in the United States.  American Osteopathic Physicians are registered medical doctors and receive university training with internship, and the option of specialist training within Osteopathic hospitals.  Osteopath's utilise their understanding of body structure and function, and the application of manual therapy to improve the expression of health and self-healing capacity of the human body.  Australian Osteopaths have 5 years of university training, and work in private practice - and unlike their American cousins, do not prescribe drug therapy or perform surgery.  The Australian Osteopathic profession remains committed to Osteopathy's original foundations of manual medicine; of treating the human body as an integrated whole, and seeking people's greatest potential through preventative healthcare.

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