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If you want to try a Posture Friend

Fix your seat - Fix your body

Do you answer YES to these 4 questions? 

  1. Would your car seat benefit from some extra lumbar support?

  2. Do you have an unhealthy slump when sitting for long periods?

  3. Would you like to know how to prevent future stress & physical injury?

  4. Would you like to get maximum benefit from your treatments and exercise?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you will want to learn about Posture Friend's wholistic sitting solutions.  Designed by an Osteopath to support your entire body!

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ergonomic seat-back cushion

For the cost of just over a single Osteopathic treatment, you can get 700+ days* of professional preventative healthcare

* Based upon the conservative estimate of Posture Friend's computer shaped foam core retaining its supportive bounce for a minimum of 2-3 years of daily use. 

Degenerative disease can occur when gravity is combined over time with unnatural slumping seated posture.  From the perspective of Osteopathic Medicine, poor seat design and postural habits have the potential to create extra mechanical leverage and ongoing compression, reduced circulation and cell death within body tissues.  When living in an unnaturally sedentary modern society, this becomes an origin story of degenerative disease and the possibility of future disability.

The Posture Friend Story

Over 10 years ago I was forced to design my own ergonomic posture cushion, to solve an agonising lower-back problem I was having when driving my car over long distances.  The seat had been designed for an average height Japanese person, and with little consideration for the needs of each unique individual.  With an accumulation of past injuries, poor car seat design became the final straw that (literally) broke the camel's back!   I wasn't able to find a lumbar support cushion that supported and opened the whole body (all the premium options available were focussing on the location of symptoms only) - my body was struggling because the car seat took away my body's ability to function as a cohesive and integrated whole.  I have since gone through the long process of testing, refining and manufacturing the wholistic Posture Friend and creating a preventative healthcare movement/relaxation program - to offer people a sitting solution that genuinely optimises their potential for health.  Professionally, I know all too well what can happen when bodies accumulate physical injuries and postural strain over time; and how closely interlinked body structure and function are to the experience of health, happiness and life fulfilment.

Dr. David Bennett (Osteopath)

* If you live in Perth, near Dunsborough or Margaret River, please get in touch if you would like to test a Posture Friend in your car seat.  If you live somewhere else, you can feel confident in our return and 100% refund policy.

Watch the following video to learn more about Posture Friend's unique ergonomic design.  

How Posture Friend works

How Posture Friend works

The Posture Friend wholistic posture cushion creates upright and open seated posture, without any conscious attention or effort being required.  Automatic, dynamic, open and upright seated posture is key to sustaining long-term postural health.  The alternatives are to be slumping again 20 minutes later (when you start concentrating on something else), or becoming weaker over time if using a "Posture Trainer" to hold your shoulders back.

Chair with Posture Friend cushion
Posture Friend cushion
Origins Posture-4 copy 2.png

Your FREE Professional Movement & Relaxation Program

Finding health within through integrated movement & deepening relaxation

POSTURE FRIEND has been designed by an Australian and internationally trained Osteopath.  Osteopathic Medicine originated almost 150 years ago in the United States.  American Osteopathic Physicians are registered medical doctors and receive university training with internship, and the option of specialist training within Osteopathic hospitals.  Osteopath's utilise their understanding of body structure and function, and the application of manual therapy to improve the expression of health and self-healing capacity of the human body.  Australian Osteopaths have 5 years of university training, and work in private practice - and unlike their American cousins, do not prescribe drug therapy or perform surgery.  The Australian Osteopathic profession remains committed to Osteopathy's original foundations of manual medicine; of treating the human body as an integrated whole, and seeking people's greatest potential through preventative healthcare.

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